All your hydrogen education and skills building needs in one place.

We aim to bridge the skills gap and empower individuals and organisations to thrive in the emerging hydrogen sector.
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What we offer:

Skills mapping for the value chain and the ecosystem

We map the skills gap from technical vocational to academic and leadership levels.

Assessment and advice

We develop a skills building roadmap for your hydrogen project.

E-learning through the Hydrogen Learning Platform

Providing you with ready-made or custom made content.

Hybrid training

For some courses we offer on site training modules in collaboration with our education partners in Europa and Africa.

The human capital challenge
In the wake of the global energy transitions, specifically for hydrogen, there is a tremendous need for skilled labour with knowledge about these new technologies and upcoming innovations. Not only technicians, engineers, mechanics, but also mobility and safety personnel need to be trained in working with hydrogen. Policy makers and entrepreneurs will have to understand the workings of the new value chain to effectively facilitate hydrogen valleys. 

Addressing the skills gap
Our learning platform offers a scalable solution to these challenges by providing hydrogen courses that are self-paced, bite-sized, visual, and affordable. Our courses are developed in collaboration with renowned academic and vocational education institutes and EAHEA certified. To meet the needs of companies and individual students, our courses are designed to align with actual business requirements and locally accredited by relevant organisations.

We understand the diverse learning needs of different groups of learners. Our platform provides multi-layered content suitable for everyone, including basic-level content that caters to a wide audience. Additionally, we offer specialized technological knowledge tailored to specific roles and levels. We also provide custom e-learning modules and portals for companies seeking customised training solutions.

Connecting knowledge and people to increase employability
Our platform serves as a hub that connects knowledge and people in the field of hydrogen. With aggregated knowledge derived from hands-on experience in building the Hydrogen Valley in Northern Netherlands, we offer skill-based and certified courses that enhance employability. Backed by partnerships with reputable knowledge institutions and the support of the Dutch Government, we provide relevantly recognised certifications. These certifications hold value in the industry, signifying learners' competences and readiness for a career in their local hydrogen economy.

Streamlining the learning experience
Our mission is to educate and empower all those involved in the hydrogen transition. To achieve this, we leverage technology to enable streaming videos in remote areas. These tools offer remote access to technical installations, enhancing learning opportunities.

A user-friendly video editing app and modular content blocks help us streamline the video creation process, reducing time and effort required from subject experts. This approach allows us to continuously develop high-quality content efficiently and allow new insights to be immediately available from the research institute to the learning environment.

We are exploring the use of AI to further support the creation process through automated translation, generated visuals and teachers, draft scripts and creating exam questions.

Our platform strives to go beyond being a mere video platform. We focus on creating engaged students through gamified UX design, co-designed with teachers. We also develop features for participant interaction, hybrid learning hubs, and connecting learners with local partners and workers. Through these efforts, we aim to foster a vibrant learning community and facilitate career and business opportunities.

Our strategic partnership with the digital agency Concept7 enables us to deliver an exceptional digital experience in a dynamic e-learning environment needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the hydrogen industry. Concept7's dedication to simplicity and effectiveness in digital education aligns seamlessly with our vision. Concept7 understands the importance of staying at the forefront of the digital realm. Their expertise in digital strategy will play a crucial role in supporting our mission of education and empowerment. Through innovative digital technologies and engaging learning experiences, we will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and foster a community of passionate individuals driving the hydrogen revolution.

Continuous growth and career opportunities
Our courses offer recurring value to learners as we continuously add new content. Learners are actively notified of career opportunities, ensuring their ongoing engagement and growth in the hydrogen sector.

Our learning platform empowers individuals and organisations to become front runners in the hydrogen transition. By providing accessible, comprehensive and affordable education, we strive to accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen and shape a sustainable future.