Corporate Social Responsibility

This policy outlines Impact Hydrogen's commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasising the significance of environmental and social responsibility. Our core business and sustainability expectations from partners align with this ethos.

Our commitment to sustainability extends across our work in the green hydrogen value chain, encompassing partners, clients, and suppliers. We encourage a similar dedication to sustainability from all entities we collaborate with.


Green hydrogen prosperity for all Access to clean energy is a universal right for all and is fundamental to socio-economic development. The design of a greenHydrogen Valley offers great opportunities to contribute to a prospering region with thriving communities. This is why our advisory work will always start with identifying what is needed in a region.

Community engagement
Engaging communities is integral to our CSR approach. The people that live in and around hydrogen producing regions know best what the region needs, in order to flourish. We actively seek to contribute positively to the communities impacted by our operations, for example by promoting the role of local SME in the value chain and providing solutions for hydrogen education and skills building. We also work to ensure that the new hydrogen economy benefits people from all ethnical backgrounds, cultures, identities, genders and abilities, and that our work contributes to diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

Our actions and decisions consider the environmental impact of the green hydrogen value chain on local ecosystems. Not only do we strive to mitigate negative effects, we also seek for opportunities to let green hydrogen contribute to positive impact, for example through incorporating circular water management systems in the Hydrogen Valley design.

Business ethics
Our business ethics emphasise transparency, accountability, good governance, and building trust-based partnerships with the organisations we collaborate with.


We are conscious about our own environmental footprint. We avoid unnecessary air travel and encourage our staff to take the train instead of a car. Our procurement also favours sustainable choices, including green energy for our offices.

Our people
Diversity, equality, and safety are paramount within our organisation. We promote a workplace culture that values diversity and equality, and we promote internally as well as externally the radical inclusion of people from all ethnical backgrounds, cultures, identities, genders, and abilities. Moreover, we also work to safeguard the safety and well-being of our employees. In our projects, we work with local staff where possible, and ensure they are well trained and receive the same treatment as our staff in the head office.