Our leaders

Meet the dynamic minds spearheading our efforts and driving innovation in the realms of the energy transition and sustainable development.
Nienke Homan
Chief Executive Officer,
Nienke is an international expert in energy transition, specialised in green hydrogen, energy systems, infrastructure and industrial transitions. She plays a leading role in the energy transition in the Netherlands. Internationally, she is a thought leader in Sustainable Hydrogen Valleys.

Nienke has several advisory and board positions, such as Board member of the Green Hydrogen Organisation in Geneva and Chairman of the Dutch Ceramic Industry.
Sharon Becker
Managing Director,
Sharon Becker is an expert in renewable energy and its socio-economic impacts. Sharon is a pioneer in the development of Hydrogen Valleys and intricate value chains that drive regional prosperity.

With extensive experience in strategy development across Africa, Asia, and Europe, she collaborates globally to make value chains more sustainable and contribute to regional development. Sharon's strategic commitment to systemic change make her a significant contributor to renewable energy advancements.