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Dutch Green Hydrogen Proposition for South Africa

23 June 2023

A report highlighting the mutual interests of both countries in developing a green hydrogen economy to mitigate climate change and enhance energy security. Recommendations include policy support, investment facilitation, education, awareness, and a Green Hydrogen Office for progress.

Large Scale Green Hydrogen Production –– Water as a Driver for Sustainable Regional Development

21 March 2023

A white paper case study on how water used for hydrogen production can become a sustainable element in a Hydrogen Valley.

From HEAVENN to Sustainable Hydrogen Valleys

11 November 2022

Report addressing the positive impact that Hydrogen Valleys can bring to countries and regions and how this can secure international hydrogen trade relations. It is based on the experiences of HEAVENN (Hydrogen Energy Applications in Valley Environments for Northern Netherlands): a long-year programme for the development of a hydrogen value chain in the northern Netherlands plus one additional factor for success: “impact by design”.