Our Accelerator Projects

We have developed several projects that will help accelerate the green hydrogen transition and aim to contribute to sustainable development in and around the hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen Cooker (HyCooker)

An innovative green energy solution that is transforming the way communities and families in regions worldwide prepare food. This revolutionary device uses green hydrogen to generate a cooking flame.

Hydrogen Learning Platform

A learning platform offering self-paced, comprehensive courses and leveraging technology for interactive learning, the platform aims to bridge the skills gap and empower individuals and organizations to thrive in the emerging hydrogen sector.

Hydrogen Hackathons

This event gathers experts, enthusiasts, and professionals across various fields—such as engineering, software development, sustainability, and business development—to tackle challenges specific to hydrogen energy production, storage, distribution, and application.

Hydrogen Calculator

The Hydrogen Calculator is your key to understanding hydrogen pricing. We offer it to assist businesses in making sustainable choices, especially when they need a reliable source of clean energy like hydrogen.