Hydrogen Valley Development

We help companies and governments to develop green hydrogen economies in a way that is sustainable for the region, by bringing the right stakeholders together and organising the hydrogen ecosystem.

What we offer...

Green hydrogen strategy consulting

We offer strategic advice for guidance to develop and implement green hydrogen initiatives tailored to regional strengths and challenges.

Pre-feasibility studies

- Techno-economic: energy systems, market analyses, and business case studies.
- Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG): sustainability analyses, local and regional suitability, and community engagement studies.
- Enabling environment: policy, investment, education and skills assessment, and public support studies.

Hydrogen Valley ecosystem design

- Techno-economic and value chain design.
- Enabling environment: policy frameworks, financial models, education and skills building.
- Socio-economic impact design.
- Roadmapping.

Current project locations

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