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Who We Are

Impact Hydrogen is redefining green growth and sustainable prosperity for a growing number of countries across the globe. With a core team of leaders and experts headquartered in Groningen, The Netherlands, and project coordination teams on the ground, Impact Hydrogen is poised to take sustainability initiatives to new heights through its development of Sustainable Hydrogen Valleys and the mobilisation of human capital, knowledge, and technical expertise from leading global partners.

Our Hydrogen Solutions

At Impact Hydrogen, we offer a comprehensive suite of green hydrogen solutions that span diverse sectors, catering to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Our offerings encompass a wide spectrum, from online and hands-on education and training, clean cooking devices powered by green hydrogen, and a handy calculator empowering businesses to gauge their hydrogen needs and costs.
Education & Training

Hydrogen Learning Platform

The Hydrogen Learning Platform takes on the challenge to bridge the global skills gap for the hydrogen economy. Whether you are a government or NGO, a company in the hydrogen value chain, or even an individual student. Our learning modules offer you practical and academic courses co-developed with hydrogen experts from leading institutes in vocational education, universities and industry leaders. Secure your place in the hydrogen economy and start your learning journey today!
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Price Calculator

Hydrogen Calculator

The Hydrogen Calculator is your key to understanding hydrogen pricing. We offer it to assist businesses in making sustainable choices, especially when they need a reliable source of clean energy like hydrogen.
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Clean Cooking


Impact Hydrogen is developing an innovative green energy solution that is transforming the way communities and families in regions worldwide prepare food — the HyCooker. This revolutionary device uses green hydrogen to generate a cooking flame.
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