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Helping you build hydrogen systems that contribute to green growth.

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Designing, implementing organising and connecting Hydrogen Valleys

Hydrogen Valleys

Designing, implementing, organising and connecting Sustainable Hydrogen Valleys that cover all activities in the green hydrogen value chain and contribute to structural green growth and sustainable development for the region.

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Advice on the production of green hydrogen

Impact & Advice

Advice on how the production of green hydrogen can be organised effectively and contribute to structural socio-economic justice and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Sustainable Development Goal - proof label

Quality Mark

Our Sustainable Development Goal-proof label is a quality mark for those in the green hydrogen value chain that can demonstrate and verify that a part of the value chain revenue is invested back into local communities.

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Sustainable Development Goal - proof label

Project Offices Africa

Providing a central location for Hydrogen Valley project leaders in the region for organisational guidance and advice in areas such as communication, marketing, technical, and logistics.

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Latest News

Catch up on the latest developments.

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About Impact Hydrogen

About Us

Get to know our organization.

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