Transport is an important and even necessary part of a Hydrogen Valley. However, the transport sector emissions account for a whopping 27% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. In urban areas, harmful automotive emissions are responsible for anywhere between 50 and 90 percent of air pollution, leading to health problems of citizens, including respiratory diseases. It is therefore without question that there is a great need for drastic measures to be taken in the transport sector so that Hydrogen Valleys can be developed sustainably and the global transition to clean energy can be accelerated.

While in some countries electrification of personal vehicles is the most efficient way to transform the sector, in other countries it is too expensive for the majority of citizens to buy new or even second-hand electric vehicles. With our collaboration on the Hybronium project we aim to develop opportunities for projects retrofitting existing vehicles to hydrogen motor engines. These projects could provide the off-take side of our Hydrogen Valleys and contribute to job creation and economic development regionally, and to cleaner cities and healthier citizens.