Egypt: The Country Closer Than Ever in Reaching Its Hydrogen Potential

Hans Hoekman
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At Impact Hydrogen, we develop hydrogen value chains in a geographic region based on its needs and opportunities. It is from this vision and experience that we see an opportunity to turn the industrial area around the Suez Canal into the first Sustainable Hydrogen Valley in the Middle East and North Africa. ​This region could become the world’s “Central Green Hydrogen Corridor” covering more than just the Suez Canal and economic zones. Such a corridor could contribute significantly to further regional development by offering more than just hydrogen projects, and eventually unlocking extra prosperity for Egypt in the future.

Green shipping opportunities

Several countries and ports are working on the development of global strategic locations where the low-emission ships of the future can refuel and transport green hydrogen, or its derivatives, all across the globe. These ships pass through routes called green shipping corridors such as the ports of Rotterdam, Shanghai, and Los Angeles. Based on the strategic location of the Suez Canal, it is to be expected that is will become such a corridor. Developing a Sustainable Hydrogen Valley will help enable Egypt to claim this unique position.

Development opportunities

The region around the Suez Canal has opportunities to produce large scale green hydrogen with solar and wind. This green hydrogen can be stored in and around the economic zone. This green hydrogen can also contribute to socio-economic development if it is used to (1) decarbonise industry and mobility, (2) contribute to agricultural development, and (3) develop a new energy system. This will create more jobs and prosperity and as such, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Impact Hydrogen offers full project development of a Green Hydrogen Valley by organising the partnership ecosystem and developing the blueprint for the economic and sustainable regional impact.