Impact Hydrogen Looking for Green Hydrogen Off Takers in Puertollano Region

Impact Hydrogen
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Over the last year, Impact Hydrogen, together with regional partners, has been exploring opportunities for Hydrogen Valley development in and around Puertollano, a municipality located in the province of Ciudad Real, in the autonomous community of Castille-La Mancha.


Puertollano and its surroundings have been marked as a strategic location for a Hydrogen Valley, with the area offering clear comparative advantages for large-scale green hydrogen production and regional development due to the presence of industrial complexes and the town being situated along the proposed European Hydrogen Backbone.


There is an expressed interest on the part of companies and organisations in the area to take advantage of this opportunity for the development of a Hydrogen Valley in the region. An organised approach to developing the hydrogen value chain around Puertollano will help boost a sustainable economy, support regional enterprises with increased economic activity and quality job creation, and contribute to improving the quality of life of people living and working in the area.


Impact Hydrogen is acting on these opportunities in collaboration with the National Hydrogen Centre (CNH2) and other interested parties. Together we are collaborating to organise and combine various green hydrogen value chains (in mobility, industry, agriculture, and more). The first steps in this process, including an exploratory study and the opening of a local hydrogen office, have already been taken.


We are continuing the effort by bringing together more stakeholders willing to partake in these developments. By engaging with regional stakeholders in collaborative sessions like webinars and workshops, we aim to accommodate and align the varying stakeholder interests.  


As part of these developments, we are specifically focused on connecting with companies and organisations that are looking to start offtake of green hydrogen or its derivatives between now and 2028. This includes those wanting to decarbonise their heat-based production processes or mobility (trucks, trains, buses, etc.), or who are looking for solutions for hydrogen grid connection.  

We aim to partner interested parties to local green hydrogen production sites in the area before the significant revision of the EU's Emission Trading System, which includes a significant reduction in available emission rights. Interested parties who are willing to enter discussions regarding GH2 offtake are encouraged to contact us through the following channels:

Derek Vonk


Nienke Homan


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