REPORT: Impact Hydrogen Co-presents "Dutch Green Hydrogen Proposition for South Africa" to The Netherlands Embassy in South Africa

Impact Hydrogen
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The Dutch Green Hydrogen proposition for South Africa highlights the mutual interest of both countries in developing a green hydrogen economy to mitigate climate change and enhance energy security.

The Netherlands and South Africa aim to collaborate in various areas, including industrial and port development, transportation, electrolyser and fuel cell production, and desalination.

The proposition emphasises the need for a supportive enabling environment, financial arrangements, skills development, and collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Key recommendations include: fostering collaboration, developing supportive policies, removing investment barriers, investing in education and skills development, promoting awareness and inclusion, integrating flexibility into opportunity design, and ensuring positive socio-economic and ecological impacts throughout the value chain.

The establishment of a Green Hydrogen Office is proposed to facilitate collaboration, manage stakeholders, and accelerate value chain development.