Board Statement on Gender and Diversity

Ann Abheiden
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Impact Hydrogen operates at the intersection of social, economic and technical development. The idea behind this is that these developments can positively influence one another, if a balance between the two is maintained. This way, they can contribute to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals. Impact Hydrogen wants to contribute to all SDGs but more specifically to SDG 5: "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls".

Impact Hydrogen's focus is on developing the potential socio-economic opportunities that hydrogen offers. The energy world has traditionally been a man's world. Impact Hydrogen believes that major transitions can only take place, if they are supported and carried out by society as a whole - this includes men, women and the non-binary.

It is a major stregth of Impact Hydrogen that it is exclusively led by women: all senior positions are held by women. Impact Hydrogen lays particular emphasis on training women within the organisation to ensure these positions continue to be filled by women in the future. The goal is to have 60% of the FTEs across the organisation (including local offices) filled by women.

Furthermore, we are working actively on gender equality by:

- looking to cooperate with women (-led companies) for our hydrogen projects and hydrogen valley developments

- offering education and training to identify problems and opportunities for women in the company

- reserving space for the subject in meeting agendas

- leading on gender equality by example as a company

- making sure employees enjoy a healthy work-life balance

- paying fair remuneration

- ensuring women's full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making at Impact Hydrogen

- promoting the role and importance of gender balance at all levels on the agenda e.g. at summits